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Ischia Porto. Michelangelo tower or Torre di Guevara

After two turns Via Nuova Cartaromana led me to a wrought iron gate leading to the tower (on the map). The gates were closed, and puzzled before them stood two girls, as it turned out, Muscovites. The gate was just closing, no forbidding signs on them were observed and we went into the heavily overgrown area of the Park surrounding the tower.

Ischia. Michelangelo tower or Torre di Guevara

By decree of Alfonso V the Magnanimous, king of Aragon and Sicily (Alfonso V el Magnánimo,king of Naples from 1435, under the name of Alfonso I) from the year 1433 they began the construction of fortifications along the coastline of the island, which appeared this structure. Since 1454, the tower became the residence of Francesco de Guevara, Aragonese military man, who "according to the condition of health and inability more to serve in the army" received the title of "knight King" and was appointed a life Governor of the island. The tower belonged to the family of Guevara until the late 18th century.

Ischia. Michelangelo tower or Torre di Guevara

Why the tower was named after the great artist? According to legend, Michelangelo was in love with Victoria Colonna, wife of the Governor of Ischia Ferrante Avalos. Being on the island, he stayed in this tower, to be able to see his love, walking in the gardens of the Castello Aragonese. In fact, this bike has nothing to do with historical facts. Michelangelo was really close with Victoria, the famous poet, but their acquaintance was only in 1536, when Victoria already 15 years dostavila and lived in Rome. Their close relationship continued until the death of Victoria, who died in his arms, however, the artist visits the island of Ischia is unknown. For this reason among the public of the island was even a stormy debate what name is to be considered official. It was in the sixties, when the island began to gain polyarnosti as an international resort, and won, as was to be expected, "beautiful" version. Currently, the tower serves as an exhibition hall and holding cultural events. In 2011, the municipality of Ischia Porto, initiated a project to restore the frescoes in the inner rooms, which invited the conservators of the Dresden University.

Ischia. Michelangelo tower or Torre di Guevara

Originally the tower was surrounded by an impregnable stone walls, here was hiding from the enemy attacks the population of the surrounding farms. To our time survived only a wall from the shore.

Ischia. Michelangelo tower or Torre di Guevara

From the platform above the wall offers a wonderful view of the Gulf and the Aragonese castle.

Ischia. Michelangelo tower or Torre di Guevara

Indeed, the gardens where we walked to Victoria Colonna, perfectly visible, but to see a man there, you need good optics.

Ischia. Michelangelo tower or Torre di Guevara

Below, on the beach, near the cliffs of Santa Anna now stands the hotel Eden Gardens (Giardino Eden). By the way, thanks to these rocks, the tower has a third name Torre Santa Anna.

Ischia. Hotel Eden Giardino

Right - Delfini Strand Hotel 4* (on the map).

Ischia. Strand Delfini Hotel 4*