Photowalks on Ischia island

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Walk along the beaches of Maronti

From the Church of St. Michael the Archangel I admired the view of the island of Capri,


and went on the road that runs along the shore, bravely intending to reach the village of Testaccio, Barano.

Ischia, Sant'angelo

First, good asphalt, the road went downhill, along the terraces down to the sea hotels spas.

Ischia, Sant'angelo

well-Known thermal Park and cava Grado (map), was not far from Sant'angelo, before him, I slowly reached in 10 minutes. On track to meet the little electric cars are the main means of transportation in the resort area of Sant'angelo.

Ischia Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon

This is the smallest thermal Park on the island, with an area of about 7 thousand meters. In the Park there are 12 swimming pools with water temperature from 20 to 42 degrees Celsius, mud baths and other SPA-infrastructure.

Ischia Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon

Along the coast of Maronti is a powerful geological fault, here magma fits quite close to the surface, heating deep groundwater. About the healing properties of hot springs known by the ancient Greeks, came here to improve the health of the Roman nobility, but the massive resort island of Ischia was in the middle of the 19th century, thanks to the efforts of the king of Naples Ferdinand II, who invested considerable funds in infrastructure development of the island.

Ischia Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon

Fumarole output under high pressure gas mixture, consisting of volcanic gases and sulfate waters. Fumaroles in the thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon, are called the "Jaws of Typhon" (Bocca di Tifo) of the giant, thrown into the sea by Zeus. According to legend, on his mighty shoulders rests the island of Ischia, fumaroles - breathing Typhon, earthquake - movement of his body. About this the legend of Sant'angelo mentioned Virgil in the ninth book of the Aeneid, "Where at the behest of his Father crushed Tifa Inarime". (715, Inarime - the ancient name of Ischia).

Ischia Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon. Fumarole

From the Park down to the sea in a picturesque alley.

Ischia Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon.

Alley overlooks Maronti beach stretches for 2 km.

Ischia Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon. The Maronti beach

Here I again climb on the high Bank, on the slopes of which there are cozy small hotels. Ischia Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon.

standing on a high Bank, I saw the top of Monte Epomeo, the slope of which cuts a deep picturesque gorge. In this gorge the paved Hiking trail that descends from the town Serrara,which is to dedicate a separate trip. Meet me across a lot of people, equipped for walking on mountain trails.


Here civilization ended and the road turned into a donkey path that runs along the cliff.


On a rocky cliff that divides the beach into two parts (along the shore to get past), there is a platform, which offers a wonderful view of Sant'angelo (map).

Ischia Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon. The Maronti beach

Over the hotel Vittirio the road goes into a narrow tunnel, carved into the tuff rock, and then very abruptly goes down. So cool that they even forgot to take a picture of such an interesting place and once again I was glad that I was not lazy to carry a trekking pole. After several sharp turns I found myself at a crossroads - one path went up again, the second went down to the beach.


Navigator shows the presence of paths, walking above the beach, but what was her terrain and condition, to know it was impossible. The sun was setting, and darkness here occurred very quickly, so I began to tempt fate. Me, not so much attracted by the prospect of being in the dark in a completely unfamiliar terrain - and although the path was quite trodden and well-maintained, but I have not noticed it is not one light.

Ischia Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon. The Maronti beach

So I headed for the sand, hoping to see the sunset on the most beautiful road of the island - serpentine via Maronti, which rises to the village of Testaccio on the slope of Monte Cotto.

Ischia, Maronti Serpentine

But when I got to the thermal Park Olympus, no desire to climb horonoi the road and did not have my km through loose sand took away all the power, and I was glad to see a bus stop. From Ischia Porto to the Park Olimus there is a bus line 5 (route map), and it was just down the road. From the bus window to enjoy the views from the via Maronti failed too, so the bus is smartly laying the bends that we had to hold on with both hands.

Ischia Thermal Park Olympus

And finally, advice to those who decide to go down this route - better to pass it back and Shine it all day: take a bus in Barano walk there, walk to Testaccio, then go down the via Maronti. Well, then you already know...