Photowalks on Ischia island

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Ischia Porto. House of professor Malcovati (Casa Malcovati)

After seeing the San Antonio Church, which was closed, Ischia Porto. The Church of Sant Antonio (Chiesa di Sant'antonio)

I came back to shore and continued my way in the direction of Ischia Ponte. But the way was blocked the Miramare E Castello Hotel, with its own beach. Ischia Porto, San Antonio.

I Had to go around the hotel on a narrow street, passing is not his rear. Ischia Porto, San Antonio.

Between the hotel and Ischia Ponte is another small beach named San Antonio (map). In the summer there are a lot of people, but today I saw only a small group of lovers of beach football. At the end of the beach was visible another interesting object, but to pass to him, had to come in Via Seminario. Ischia Porto, San Antonio.

The building, rising out of the sea, called Casa Malcovati (map).  The history of the house begins in the second half of 1563 by the construction of watch towers to protect from pirates. Initially, the tower was given to the Augustinian monks, but in 1675 the building passed into private hands. In 1789 appeared side extensions, one of which (on this photo) was accessible only from the sea.  Ischia Porto, San Antonio. House of Malcovati (Casa Malcovati)

In the second half of the 20th century the house was purchased by Professor Fausto Malcovati, a well-known physician-physiologist, who made a huge role in the development of Ischia as a SPA resort. In 1941, the doctor fell into the hands of the book on the therapeutic use of thermal baths of Ischia during the Roman Empire. Scientist opend a small clinic in the island, with the thermal baths, the his friends became first patients. Among them was a famous film producer Angelo Rizzoli (worked with Fellini on the film "Eight and a half" and "Sweet life"), who was fascinated by the island, that chose him as their place of residence, buying a Villa in Lacco Ameno. Another patient was earl Marzotto, which Malcovati healed from arthritis. Professor convinced of his famous patients to invest in the development of resort infrastructure for their capital, and, using his connections in the business world, to attract other investors. The efforts of these people in the fifties was the start of the transformation of a provincial island in the popular international resort and SPA.  Ischia Porto, San Antonio. House of Malcovati (Casa Malcovati)

Another friend of Malcovati was the poet Joseph Brodsky, who twice visited the island. It was in this house was written a poem called "Ischia in October".

Dedicated To Fausto Malcovati

Once it was bubbling volcano.
Then-chest pecked himself Pelican.
Near Virgil lived,
and W. H. Auden wine guzzled.

Now plaster palaces not the same,
the prices are not the same and not the same account.
But I somehow make ends
lines by expanding tarnished RCI.

Fisherman swims in ultramarine
from posted to the balcony quilts,
and autumn is sweeping mountain range
sea other than the deserted beach.

The wife and daughter of the banister into the distance
staring, looking for the piano
sail or balloon --
the silent bells beat.

Unthinkable as a result of walk,
the island as a variant of fate
satisfied with only the Sirocco. But
and we are not prohibited

flapping shutters. And the draft,
paper distributing, the essence of the sign
-- fast your head around! --
that we're not alone.

Lime bonded shell,
saving from the pressure of the forehead,
salt, loose hammer
at dusk three yolks.

Spinning bougainvilleas,monogram
limited land,
their writing covering the shame,
vegetation space revenge.

Few people; and, hearing "you",
here are sharper features,
precisely talking, napodobie lenses
separates the landscape from.

A finger at the word "home" hand
rather than towards the mainland,
poke aside Cumulus mountains,
where crumble and grow worlds.

We are three of us here and, I bet
that together we can see three
times of bezadresno and blue,
than what looked Aeneas.