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Forio. Shopping street

The First half of the fourth day on the island I point my familiarity with the town of Forio (emphasis on!), located in the Western part of the island. From Ischia Porto there, and the easiest way to reach the circle line CS, a stop on the curb promenade of Via Cristoforo Colombo and Via Mons. Filippo Schioppa (map). Back are, respectively, the bus line CD, which stops right across the road (map I must say that I didn't find her - I somehow had not thought that the stop could be right at the intersection).

Ischia, Forio, Marina

Waterfront Cristoforo Colombo stretches along the Marina, and the first thing I caught my eye - interesting building on the quay right opposite the bus stop. To find out what it is, I did not, it seems, is a little bar.

Ischia, Forio, Marina

nearby visible dome Church of San Gaetano, and I went down.

Ischia, Forio, the Church of San Gaetano

in front of the portal of the Church I found a very cute lane that wasn't marked on one card - Vico San Gaetano.

Ischia, Forio. San Gaetano square  (Piazza San Gaetano)

Little pedestrian street with colorful walls, colorful houses full of flowers.

Ischia, Forio. San Gaetano square  (Piazza San Gaetano) Ischia, Forio

former market square begins the zone of shopping Erasmo di Lusto (Via Erasmo di Lustro).

Ischia, Forio. Erasmo di Lusto street (Via Erasmo di Lustro)

first of all, the town is famous for its ceramic workshops, producing as a souvenir and utilitarian products.

Ischia, Forio. Erasmo di Lusto street (Via Erasmo di Lustro)

grocery shops to buy sweets in particular is very popular local biscuits.

Ischia, Forio. Street Erasmo di Lusto (Via Erasmo di Lustro)

and of course, Souvenirs, and beach accessories. Despite the fact that Forio d'ischia is located at the far end of the island, and the beach season has not started yet, it seemed to me that the streets are more lively than in Ischia Porto.

Ischia, Forio. Street Erasmo di Lusto (Via Erasmo di Lustro)

When he reached the intersection and turn left on Matteo Verde (Via Matteo Verde), which is also full of shops. Here you can see the beautiful mansion in the classical style.

Ischia, Forio

it is Interesting that behind the elegant facade hides a dark box without windows. Here now, is unknown, there is no sign, but the card reports that earlier there was a branch of the carabinieri.

Ischia, Forio

To the Left of Erasmo di Lusto, outside Regina, Francesco (Corso Avvocato Francesco Regine), is the tower of Morgera (Torre di via Morgera map). The building was built in 1500-1548 years family Morgera for defensive purposes - in those days the population of the island plagued by frequent raids of the Saracens. These towers could withstand a siege of pirates and became havens for residents of the whole block. In Forio and other towns of the island have survived several such towers.

Ischia, Forio. Morgera tower (Torre di via Morgera)